Monday, September 2, 2013

S3 Emulator / Running S3 Locally

We've all been there: You're in a remote spot, distant from all your daily stress and hassle. A romantic candle light setup puts you in the right mood - Nothing can stop you from coding on your newest cloud project like there's no morning. Nothing? Well, without a proper internet connection, accessing S3 and the like is quite unpleasant. But fear no more! With S3 ninja you can setup a S3 / Ceph compatible API in seconds.

Download the latest zip from, follow the installation instrcutions and you're ready to go. Being a java application, you need nothing but an installed Java JRE (1.6.xx). At last a word of caution: S3 ninja is intended to be a simple easy to use emulator for the S3 API. It has neither caching nor any kind of replcation layer.

Feel like hacking? Both, S3 ninja and its underlying server platform SIRIUS are open source and welcome contributions: Project on Github

This is what the main GUI looks like. On the left it even shows you the credentials to use, to test your hash generation:

In the (API) Acess Logs all calls against the S3 API are tracked and visualized:

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